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We're creating the world's first packable clothing line ― designed with travelcomfort, and convenience in mind.


To-Go Short Sleeve

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Since it packs up so small, I always bring it with me on my adventures.

@ fursty

The shirt has quickly become my “go-to” when heading outdoors.

@ randy_gordon

Worn them multiple days in a row without feeling dirty or smelly.

@ johnmcilvainephotography

My new favorite shirt from lounging around the house, going to the gym, hiking...

@ jude_allen

It keeps me cool here in Phoenix, especially when it gets super hot in the summer!

@ billnyethephotoguy
Packs away in seconds!

Made in USA 🇺🇸

About us

Not only did our clothing have to be packable and road trip ready, they needed to be made responsibly..

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